Our Experience

A Family of Workers

In any construction job, building on a solid foundation is one of the best ways to ensure quality results. At Core Contracting, our foundation involves a team with over 35 years experience in new home construction, remodelling, home extensions, sunrooms and decks, custom stair building, and much more.

Along with this, the family members involved in the business also bring their expertise in cabinetry, the fundamentals of building construction and materials, project and construction management, customer relations, technical systems, engineering, and business management and ownership.

Together, our knowledge and interest in being the best at what we do is part of what sets us apart.

Our Core Values

Of course, standing out from so many other contractors, especially for new home construction or major renovations, is no easy task. However, at Core Contracting we have a number of guiding principles that we follow with every project to ensure our work and reputation makes your decision easier. These principles are not just recognized by us as being important, they are also noted by the Canadian Homebuilders Association as things to consider as a customer when choosing a contractor.

Above all else, the professional team at Core Contracting understands the importance of treating everyone we work with, including you, with the honesty and respect they deserve. That’s why, whether it’s a new railing system or a completely new addition to your existing home, you can trust us to bring the knowledge and qualified skill set needed to create the quality and craftsmanship you expect for your home.

Working With You

For all of us, the values we hold as a company are not just words. In fact, they are the principles we use to guide us as we continue to improve and adapt the way we work based on feedback form our customers. With your satisfaction as one of our driving criteria, we have a number of standards implemented to ensure that each step of our relationship with you produces the results we all want. Through listening to all of the individuals working on a project, including you, we are able to maintain high safety and building standards while remaining available for you every step of the way.

The Reason

All of us here at Core Contracting are in the Newfoundland construction business because we really enjoy what we do. From the conception of the project, whether it’s a simple sunroom or a custom plan for your dream home, we love the interaction we get to have with people such as yourself. And it’s through building on the values that we hold as a company that we are able to help you turn your ideas into reality.